Fabulous four

Its been 4 fabulous years..we’ve survived the journey all right..we have our own little angel and hoping 4 more to add colours to our life..
The ups and down were never easy but we stick thru all that ..we did tat together…
I love all the things we share..i love all the little things he did to make our partnership stronger!!!
I love that one guy who send me to classes,wait 4 me in the car..and take me home with him every wed-fri nite..i love tat one particular guy that cook 4 me for dinner during those difficult time with masters…he was the reason..yes..he was one of the reasons i made it to the end..
Thx sayang,thx my habibi
Cant wait to embrace the fantastic FIVE!




Its such a day tat everyone is eager to embrace!!!its 11.11.11 peeps and it happens 2 fall on friday so plz expect a lot of solemnization today!!!all the fresh flowers frm the florist seems empty and their price is almost at par with the V-DAY..

Feeling a little excited today since in going to go away frm faculty for a while 4 some work and meeting my friends at the same time..wohoooo 4 tat..hubby needs to work double tis time,for nawal is all his tis wiken!!!sorry hubbybie!but i thank him 4 his support and understanding tis time!gonna need mire n more in future!!!

U two be good tis wiken!!!


holllaaaa …its beennnnnnnnnn ages ..nak blog gak sbb tarih ni lawa..later will update moreee…

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

It’s hana’s birthday!!!!hepi bday dearest fren!!!!hope u find ur happiness in no time insya Allah!


Wordless Wednesday


eid saeed

i noe its already 5th syawal but time does not permit any post nearing shawal first..blame the below poor coverage provided by the berruukband at home…so peeps…EID SAEED!!!

its exciting to pose 4 a studio potrait for the first time..and i cant wait to see how it looks..the very first family photo with my in laws and the very first for hubby me and nawal as well..

erm…i m not sure of what else to write here,since i promised myself for a quick update..im rushing to bangi in fact,to pikap nawal at my sister’s…

erm…later insya allah!