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Day 22 and kindy story

Its hard to keep a blog,i mean feeding it with updates when we have twitter,fb and instagram..
So far i have uploaded my #febphotoaday in instagram..tat explains why it stopped at day 3 here…haha
Nway,i purposely blog today to talk about nawal’s achievement..alhamdulliah,after going to her kindy 4 almost a week..she is now a brave girl…she fought her tears i saw tat with my very own eyes..she saw me walking out of her kindy and she waved goodbye..she did not say “no mama..jangan tinggal nawal” anymore..and im so proud of her..god knows the attachement tat we both shared…we are almost an item…the first 2 yrs my life revolved around her…and she didnt take any other milk but mine..alhamdulillah…only just recently i managed to wean her..and with nawal,all those petua2 didnt work…but reasoning and talking is the key..i told em why she has to stop,and also trying to divert her attention to something else…
As for tis week, i made her understand tat i will leave her at the kindy..and after work i will personally pick her up..and when i fetch her up the first line is ..”see nawal,mama is here to fetch u…i came here to take u home..mama is here now..” i ensure tat i will repeat it 3x…and alhamdulillah..the msg is clear and she handled it quite well!
Tats enuf 4 tis time..will bore u with a few pix!!!






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Day 4

The challenge 4 today is to share a stranger’s photo..since ayu n i had some biz to finish in nilai,so my victim is found here!hehe

During our lunch,i found a nice spot..with perfect timing n skill,tis is the result!


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Day 3-a delay post

I did not cheat!!!dont get me wrong..ive participated yest using my instagram but i forgot to upload tat here!!!
I’m still in the game!!!wehooo



There you go!i even posted 2 photos..at first i just took a pix of nawal’s hand n mine ..but later i realised i shud have my hubby’s hands too..tats the reason why i chose to make way for tat pix taken right after our solemnization!

Pen off for now!need to find a stranger to post for today’s theme!

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So now lets continue our mission in completing the feb challenge!!! Wats yours for WORDS?
Mine is taken frm thumblr..thx to mr google and i wish to wish and spread the positive words to all!!!
Lets always be positive and think big to continue living and serving allah!


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Lets do something to add some colours to my dying blog..an ive decided to give febphotoaday a try!!!lets join tis peeps !


And tis is my view today!!!


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