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wordless wednesday

the very first passport size photo

my munchkin had her first passport size photo to be taken today…at 25 months of age…its a must since we want to apply for her passport!!she does not mind her hairband and she just pose 4 the “kakak”…a numbers of shots i must say since she had so many facial expressions…with her tongue, with her eyes and her body gestures…and finally i’ve decided to choose two…and tis one is the final taht most of my frens voted 2 use 4 her passport!…a lenghty post 4 a wordless post…LOL


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Work finally

Salammmm…ramadhan kareem…its been almost 2 months since my last post!been bz with work (finally..phew)..and adapting with the long drive,students and the syllabus..im lucky to have irda and hanie to help me with so many things alhamdulillah
Nawal seems ok with our separation..alhamdulillah i cant thnkful enough for mcna’s willingness to take nawal under her care..
First month was easy with ayu travelling with me…and after shes done with her work,its just nawal and me..and futhermore its ramadhan!normally nawal doesnt give me a hard time,only 1-2 times she threw tantrums in a car but tats bcoz she wants me badly to put her to sleep..it didnt last long,after 7mins or so she will doze off and go straight to lala land..
Tats all 4 now…despite the hiccups,i thank allah 4 all his plans!alhamdulillah!


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