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the waiting game

i can breathe now…i can feel the air…i can have a peaceful nite without having to toss around forcing myself to sleep…i can end the torture..the waiting game is over!

i was so worried about the questionnaires and chapter 2 sent to my SV..even in my dream it appears so frustrating and depressing..my SV took almost a week to read and reply my email..and it screams JOY and VICTORY…alhamdulillah.

i do some alteration on the format,add some details …and insya allah, since i am still at my parents..i need to go out 4 printing,photocopying and head straight to post office later…i am forever thankful to jett with her cooperation to allow her colleagues and students to be part of my thesis…to be my sample…thx somuch jetto!!!

pls pray 4 another JOY in chap 4 and 5…and of coz…all 5 chapters!!!


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