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The end of 2010

Alhamdulillah…alhamdulillah…praises to allah..for so many good things tat allah gave me,and the tests that he planned for us…perhaps,we survived…
2010 has been good so far but i am looking fwd for a way better yr next year…on top of my list is to submit my ever-so-challenging albeit agony thesis,later step up to a career ladder …therefore, i need to give up my 3 yr of being a domestic goddess…tat is gonna b ez pessy..the hardest part is to part with nawal…i bet tat is the toughest …keep praying for her health,safety..and may the sitter is somone tat love her and treats her nicely..amin
There are a lot more to achieve..i’ll make a mental note on em!!!
So here i am wishing you a prosperous yr ahead!


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ITS DECEMBER and i managed to keep to my promise this time…i went to see my supervisor again…a major editing is recommeded esp on the format,the way i organised my points…yada yada yada… i felt good though…at least i noe what i did wrong ..and what should i do to make it right…

then,its a series of weddings to attend, beautiful brides to admire and the gojes pelamin tat they have today…(serious rasa nk kawen sekali lagi..semua sgt simple but so breathtakingly picturesque!)…

back to my thesis,im doing my own countdown for my next appointment…another 3 days to go…still a lot of work to do…but i noe i’ll survive the agony! after that, i can sigh and put my work on a rest for a couple of days …we gonna hit the road on xmas and go for another family gathering at JB (hubby’s side)…i guess i will settle down for another consultation with my supervisor at the very end of dec….its wise to meet her first b4 going back to kb for 4 days…or else,i will never meet the deadline…

owh,btw december screams sales here and ther…everyone is bz doing their shopping since its YES evrywher…the crowd went crazy when i last went to midvalley last 2 weeks…its not weekends…its weekdays!!!…as for a jobless mother like me, JUSCO is suffice to cater my needs and wants…alhamdulillah….they have super gojes tunic dress tat i can pair with my pants…and they have it below rm30!…wallah!!!…

well,enough with the ramblings…i have work to do..and my baby is sleeping very soundly, i feel like joining her!!!…i’ll attach pix later!!

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MAHA 2010

Owh..dah lama giler x update..i did try a few times tp maser tu internet slow..so they never went published…sabo jela
Perhaps its obsolete to talk about those entries,so lets hear about the present…
MAHA…was so hugeee gigantic and unresistable..due to the distance tats y..its so near and we love taking nawal ther…ada mcm2…vegie…animals…food…food…kain and pokok2 ..we ended up buying orchids!!!!yeayyyy..not one…but three…
Well…it was a steal since they r on rm10 each!!perhaps,tats all for a quick update..too many things to share but i dun wanna b greedy!!!a few pix to show off!!!

SEE????blooming orchids

tat was the fisrt trip boarding TRAM!

ayah n nawal on board!

chicken..and chicken out!!!hehe

another pose from us...

lets kol it a day...heeeeeeee

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