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syawal is ending soon…maaf lah…dah mcm x de mood nak update blog…i lost the mojo to blog these days…

syawal morning spent with my in laws, and after noon…i have already on my way back to my parents’ castle…my hubby managed to perform his friday prayers at masjid in front of my house…

well..honestly..there is nothing much to share about our eid tis yr..we celebrated moderately tis yr..with the ppl that we heart so much, with the real kelantan delicacies…we just love these food…speaking of tat,i have to eat more to gain weight, but with a baby to look after¬† all by myself…putting on weight is a failed attempt once again…if u see the portion i am having these days, you’ll never wanted to say “eat more!”..coz tat is wat i m doing now…my metabolism rate must be very high then…huhu..

owh,i discovered KFC is now available in Machang..in fact i went there to buy snack plate for my dad…its for his raya 6…

and a few pix to share!

syawal morning!

syawal 3rd-kenduri irfan

visiting ateef!!!


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eid saeeiiid


here is a quick post b4 my hubby,nawal n i jump into our car and head to kelantan!!!.since it is gonna b a long holiday 4 us 3,each of us have one bag to occupy our new baju,baju hari2 and many other stuff…there will also one big paper bag to stuff junk food,karipap and keropok in case we gonna spend long hours in the car…nauzubillah…i hope it is gonna b a smooth one tis time!!!…

tis eid is gonna b our 2nd time celebrating with our little misus…last yr was an introduction for her..tis year is gonna b a different one i guess…she already has 3 baju kurung- 2 were tailor-made,1-made by my sister…one polka dot gown given by aunty ili,one cute romper,one top and pants,1 gown given by aunt add, and the other one was also a present. Nawal has another 2-3 gown but tat has to wait for eid adha…as for my hubby-he managed to get a new baju melayu and 2-3 t-shirts…and tats enuff…and chesu hs only 2 new baju kurung tis time…huhu..x pe la..terlalu sibuk mencari menyiapkan baju suami n nawal, sampai terlupa utk diri sendiri…at least i have¬† another 2 baju tat i wore once..kena pakai balik la…hehe

owh…to all my frens…my readers..(mcm ramai je)…haha..i wish u all a safe trip to your kampung, a happy celebration with your love ones….on top of that, mintak maaf byk2 di atas segala salah silap khilaf selama ini…

with that. eid saeeiiid…


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