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kisah hr jadi

alhamdulillah..never had i imagined a perfect bday party ever…never i wished to gather all my chilhood frens during nawal’s first bday….but i did…we met….we had a blast…it was a perfect reunion for us…and for our children to meet and play…perhaps they will continue our legacy of frenship?who noes??

well…the utmost gratitute goes to ili…mommy ili..she was a great co-host….thx 4 the cake,balloons and all the time you spent at the kitchen with me…it was indeed a splendid moment to be cherished…

mommy ili n me


party pack for nawal's friends

hana-the photoghrapher...=)

owh and a few more…will add later….n edit tis back!!…xoxo


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another milestones

its been ages!!!! i noe i noe…..everyday is always pretty occupied with my little misus..owh..btw,my little misus is ONE!!!!!she is one terrific toodler …that is a complemet…indeed…and i found myself learning so many things about her….and while teaching her directly or indirectly…i learnt that i made mistakes in reading her needs…i misjudge what i read..and perhaps i underestimate my little misus???

nawal is now a master of crawling….yes…she crawls really fast and i found myself three times amused by her mastery in  climbing up the stairs…she climbed up all the 20 small steps all by herself while i was at the kitchen…i was all wrong to expect her to sit still watching her fav pocoyo..instead she discreetly climbed the stairs and waited for me to called,shouted …looking for her everywhere…and she was grinning when i laid my eyes on her..cheeky baby…there, i learned to assembled the gate as my routine no 1 every morning…yess…so far she climbed the stairs safely but we cant foresee the future..better safe than sorry.

hands-me-down-item!!!tq big sista...ur safety 1st gate works wonders!

and just a few weeks ago,nawal started to confidently climbed down the split level..a major relief…and the very day she learnt it was when i was cheering her to get down while “offering” her milk!!!and it works!!!well done…

while other babies maybe enjoying their first walk..nawal seems comfortable to keep on crawling..she will use anything near hear to support her standing..and of coz hold on to it for a dear life…we are no hurry…she will definately walk when she is brave enough ..and tat..we leave it to her to decide…every single baby has their own rate of development so why hurry?why compare?…

on a different note, i am now working on my dissertataion..my supervisor is awesome…the only thing that worries me is whether i can really push myself to make it on time?…its worrying looking at the speed i take to finish even  one page of  my dissertation…i need all the strength,the support and all the positive vibes right now!!!


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