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salam…its been ages since i last wrote here…too many things got into my head…too many words got jumbled up …it was haywire and total chaos in writing department…other than that, i am ok..

well,i finally finished my courseworks…it was an end to a trip putrajaya-shahalam-putrajaya back forth three times per week…it was a full stop to a misery waiting in a car with a baby to babysit..thx to my hubby….and when he was out of town, i thank my beloved frens, ILI LIYANA and FARHANA 4 their time and love to have nawal under their guardian…on my last day of class, i impulsively decided to date ili liyana for a dinner…it was awesome..the food was remarkable…and we did enjoy it!!

another holiday took place during the labour day!!this time around was a trip with my hubby’s big family…we went to Cameron Highland..and i swear to God that was a wrong decision we made to even go ther..the traffic was super bad…we took almostĀ  hours to get there!!!i blogged about it here

i have a few pix to share!!

hehe...nawal was so annoyed..hence the pose

ayah..mama..nawal..WE R A FAMILY!!!

sorry the quality of the pix was poor…it was via a camphone!!


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Mothers’ day

Esok…finally I can celebrate mothers’ day together with my beloved mama n sisters…and I can literally celebrate it with mama since I am gonna fly bck to kb tomorow with Nawal..
Mama did so very much for us-siblings..and for me ESP ..she tot so many things and sacrifice is just her middle name I have to say..
Chesu ingat lagi during our gathering ..she cooked her signature nasi Arab..masa tu Dah tinggal sikit..n chesu rasa nk mkn…bila mama tgk chesu nak..trus die suruh perabiskan..tp chesu nampak mcm mama suka sgt nasi hr tu so chesu ckp chesu Dah kenyang..”mama mknlah..”…dan chesu termenangis bila tgk mama akhirnya mkn licin..betullah org ckp..ibu Akan sentiasa mendahulukan anak dlm apa jua keadaan pun..itu contoh kecik jela..byk lg benda yg besar2 yg mama buat yg x MAMPU chesu kongsi di sini
Bila Dah jd ibu ni..byk yg chesu belajar n paham..Naluri ibu ini hebatnya kurniaan Allah..dan selayknya “syurga di bawah kaki ibu”
Kepada semua kaum ibu..kwn2 yg menjadi ibu..”Selamat hr ibu..semoga kita MAMPU menjadi ibu yg terbaik utk anak2 kita..insya Allah”

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