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We went to Mines again yesterday..hubby decided to send my phone the one tht i got as “hantaran” to our fav booth ..its the third time tis time…

Since he was so generous he bought me a new phone..yeayyyy…o i heart tis man mucho…he said tat is considered my advanced bday pressie..i badly wanted it s a pre bday pressie..touch wood..haha..anyhow i am still hoping 4 an iphone nxt time..nxt yr perhaps???


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9 months!!!nawal is turning into one adorable pwetty baby at her 9 months of age..(puji anak sendiri wajib hukumnya..hehe)…alhamdulillah….no words can describe my feelings, my love and my concern towards her…

at this age, she manages to :

1. menyulur dgn laju,lebih2 lagi bila ternampak handphone mama or remote control

2.dah pandai duduk dlm walker n jln2..

3.dah pandai buat muka HUDUh…cheecky baby !!!

4.dah pandai nak ikut2 if i were to go out to class…start pakai tudung je die akan start observe x nak tgk tmpt lain

5. she will stare at the mirror looking at me combing my hair,applying my compact powder or lipstick…

6.she will start belek2 my tudung once i pakai..

7.she likes people..real people…she does not really fancy her toys

8.she loves food to the max…seriously!!

9. she will go gugu gaga over certain characters of BABY EISTEIN..the puppet show esp…u can tell this from her smile,laugh and both legs kicking simultaneously..

10.she loves accompany me to water my flowers…i’ll take out her highchair and make her sit n look n learn…i’ll introduce her to the plants that i have..(mcm byk…ada x sampai 7 kot…haha..)

11.she loves books..alhamdulillah…esp the small books on SHAPES,ANIMALS,THINGS….

12.so far,she did a good job sleeping in her car seat whenever i need to take her with me to SHAH ALAM..if shes up and awake, i need to show her favourite books and flash em each time i stopped at the traffic lights.

13.she LOVES her sippy cup….tis is one important tool 4 her entertainment purpose s well…i’ll make sure i filled it with air masak n bring it along everytime we go out…

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