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nawal is in no time soon gonna hit her 1 year of age..time flies…mommy ili n i have been contemplating of having a very very small-intimate- birthday party for her…small means very-very smal scale…hehe….

and i found myself gugu gaga over a series of cute lil things related to bday party!!!…erm….it has been suggested that we need to settle down with THEME first..and i found my self in confusion over a few colours that best suit nawal’s first bday bash…I prefer to choose the THEME by COLOUR rather than by ANIMALS or TV PROGRAMMES…

these are a few killer pix on great grand high end bday party…

black n pink theme

sesame street theme


fairy theme!!

what do you think after seeing these marvellous pix??they look stunning ridiculously expensive rite???SIGH…..

i always mention to me and my other half that I will never spoil our kids 4 anything as such…me n my siblings..we never had a birthday party let alone to have a very detailed-party like these…i am still thinking on whether to throw one or simply have our little sweet time together…since nawal pun x phm ape pun lg… the only reason that keep me planning is 4 her documentation purpose…eheh..mengade rite?…i plan to document her first few years bday so that she will b able to look at them one day¬†and b proud of her growing up process…

back to the theme, i think i will opt 4 RED theme..POLKA DOT of course..and this one simply stole my heart almost instanty!!!!!!!!!!

RED theme!!!


they even have photo booth 4 the kids!!!!!!owh…how cool is that???????well i guess,up to this point of time..its pretty obvious that the first step towards having it a reality is taken!!!!

owh polka dot!!

pix from : http://www.birthdaygirlblog.com


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Its hard…even harder everyday..though its actually getting near and near the finishing line…it weights me down…literally when i had the low blood pressure again..n a major migraine attacked me last wik..with a baby..trottling around me 24/7…i wish my hubby could finish up my assignmentssss…and yes ..there r forever plural..
Well…lucky enough i have a supportive hubby who does not mind to bbsit nawal rite after his long day @work…grateful enough i have a hubby that is willing to drive me to shah alam n sits in a car with nawal almost evry friday…n friends like hana n ili tat always feel free to bbsit nawal when there’s no one i can trust to look after my precious darl…its them…they keep me going…they keep me sane during those dark moments that i almost give up to brutal reality.
To these ppl i’ve mentioned…tq..i am 4eva indebted to u guys..n of cos my parents…owh..they deserve a sole entry for this!!!!will do one day…insya allah…i always wanted to dedicate my achievement ..accomplishments..to they both…

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90 days for moms!!!

i am completely in mess….assignments,presentations,term papers,project papers..u just name it…poor my baby…i have to abandon our sweet tickle hugs time …plz enjoy all ur CD 4 the time being will u???mama will surely make up our time when evrything is sttled ok???

4 the time being, i am here to call up every frens,regardless of ur sex to join this petition!!!hurry up….


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Nawal….my baby…my adorable darling princess turns 8 months old today!!!yeayyyyy!!!alhmdulillah…i love my cutie litle rascal more n more evryday..she demonstrates so many actions tht never failed to amuse me n hubby…u r a gift really..indeed…ur new drawer is considered ur pressie then k hunny.. N the soft toys ayh bought during our trip to ikea is anther pressie frm ayah…well…its not that we want to spoil u tat much but we ourselves r too eager into getting new things 4 u hunny!!! Mama loves u tooo much no one can compete me u see???

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