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I always love to attend prof syukor class…he is so extremely nice and understanding and treat us well with the coffee and snacks ready to eat….despite all the assignements,projects and etc etc related to our course, our creative art lecturer designed an activity …we went crazy with this activity…haha…


i managed to come out with this…and prof managed to stopped and said a few things about this…”owh..tis is so east coast dana..it looks like batik to me….later i’ll tell u my p.o.v…” huhu.. i just can’t help but blushing…its a comlement dana!!!!.


almost done…..i have to stop and go around and visited my frens with their masterpiece before continue with mine….haha

wow !! double wow!!!hehe…..dahsyat kan???


 an art work signed by me…=) how about tis???wat say u???hehe…-


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not so good

Many complained received upon my irregular updates..huhu….i do have many things to share,but this slow intenet connection jas hinder me from updating my blog….i have many pics as well,but hey if words took hours to upload u just imagine how long it will take me to upload pix??? ….communicating with another fren working on our project is another pain I need to endure everyday…. I am seriously thinking of streamyx now…

Besides the slow connection to be at fault, assignments and presentation really are the other reason…due to this alone, many invitations to open hause has been opened unattended…I’m terribly sorry to miss this opportunity to meet and catch up things with my frens..i can foresee this next year as well….huhu….everything will be back to the normal track after I graduated..insya allah…However, I managed to host a small open haus done last week on Monday nite…. I can’t afford to handle any event on weekend since I have classes during weekends tis time…and those invited were my hubby’s gud frens and ppl around Putrajaya…around 10 guests came over…I told my dear hubby tat our official open haus will only become a reality next two years…not this year,nor next year….

Owh enuf of tat, I met hana last Saturday and yesterday I met Asma..they both shared the same line..”dana…u look skinny???”…yeah…I lost 4kg to fasting and a bad fever last week…seriously… and am trying hard to gain weight…





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