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uh….mahal mahal!!!

This time its too much..

Very early this morning,after I had a breakfast prepared by my lovely charming hubby…(the fried mee was soo yummylicious together with keropok goreng)..we both went strolling down the hill headed to pasar presint 8…tis was our first time going enviroment friendly (we literally walk)…we bought a few stuff that cost me a bomb i can hardly believe it myself..my hubby got mad because i didn’t ask the salesman to recount our stuff..my best excuse was just…i was so shocked i almost did not utter a word about it…

the item bought :

1. 3 tomatoes
2. 1 capsicum
3. 2 packet of mee
4. 1 packet of kuey teow
5. lemongrass
6. daun limau
7. cabbage(half)
8. 1 packet of fish cake


GUESS HOW MUCH IT COST ME???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOTAL : RM 15!!!!



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of fake smiles


today is not as good as yesterday…i felt so distressed and soo burnt out…i dun think i can go on living like tis…i am so certain of my capability and strength…i tried to act as usual,but fake smiles won’t be able to cure a damaged dream..i have another strentgh with me…i have doa..i will always doa so that god will always near me,listen to me and answer my forever prayers…




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my hubby and I arrived almost at 2pm…moon’s parents,aunties n uncles were waiting eagerly to meet farihan…they welcomed us both with their open arms and warm hearts…these people are like my family…they are very close to me and tina..

and for the bride and the groom….they both looked so in love with each other,we can see that thru their eyes…i hope those moments will last forever….

let the pix speak!!!!





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another wedding!!!

hand bouquet


i am going to attend another wedding ceremony 2moro!!! my hubby and I will be going for penang tis time to attend munirah’s reception ceremony…i can’t wait to start the journey tomorrow for my hubby promised to treat tis trip as our second honeymoon!!!YEAY!!!

owh,back to moon…she is known as MOON among frens…moon is like a dear younger sister to me since i have none…we have known each other from year 2000…our frenship survived the ups and downs and we made it to this very day…alhamdulillah…

SITI MUNIRAH is now married to Faisal, whom I believe will be taking care of her for her lifetime…amin….so,to moon….welcome to the CLUB!!!!yess!!!!

dear sister, congratulation!!! i can’t wait to see your gorgeous look tomorrow!!!



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colours of my life

munir,sarah n razin

                munir,sarah n razin

I was searching for my family pix when i came across the most recent pix that i took last month with my nephews n niece…My sister and her family went for a short school holiday in cyberjaya for the spouse were so busy to take leave to go back to our parents’ cottage…due to the distance between the cyberview lodge and putrajaya,my sister happily called me to join her family,an offer that could never be resist-me n my hubby straight away pack our things and headed to the location mentioned…my three angels were over the moon to be able to pose near the pool.(there was a garden wedding ceremony)…..

gonna see them this weekend!!!!YEAY!!!

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                                         smart eh???

semlm boring,i surt all pix on interior design..n i found this pix…sgt sweet..mebi i shud try to apply tis to our house..tgk la mcm mana…hehe…..

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fresh look

my hubby complained about my site-boring and outdated..hhehe..lazy me…its not tat i dun have things to write,stories to ramble about…most of the times i have pix to attach,but not even once i managed to upload those pix…huhu…poor soul…

since my guardian angel wanna help me 2day,hopefully i’ll b able to post one trial pix….


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