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syawal is just near the corner…tp sebab memey duk klate doh,x la segho sgt like the previous years…

this week is our last week of meeting the students b4 tehy go back for raya nad return after that to sit 4 their final xm…i dun xpect much from them tis sem, i just wat them to pass..tats all…teaching art&design students are very challenging…they don’t really pay attention to class..they sometimes take Bel’s subject for granted..not because they are brilliant but tehy think that english is not important…tehy love drawing like hell and they stay up late every nite to finish their master piece…(koya samtimes)

┬áthe other group (business) was wonderful..majority of them are kelantanese and their english is quite good…they always do their work,make jokes in class and seldom made me mad…last week, the group invited me to join their iftor..and alhamdulillah, i managed to join them after break fast with my mom at home…tehre are all very sweet and eager to lern..i do hope they will keep this attitude till their last sem…

kla…itu saje…hehe


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