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spending time with elderly ppl sometimes enriched knowledge..hehe…i got a few tips cum advised from one of the colleague…

the tips : (WEHEN U R PREGNANT)

1. never hurt ur hubby

2.control ur emotion

3.always recite qur’an…

according to her,nnt nak bersalin senang..kalo asyik marah suami nnt itu yg jadi susah nak bersalin..(mak oiii..takut gler…)itu yg samapi ada kene minum air kaki suami..nauzubillah…

according to Dr FAtma, she said that the first 4 months is also important…the 4th month, malaikat akan menulis qadak n qadar of that particluar baby…baik ke jahat ke,putih ke itam ke, tinggi or rendah,bila lahir,bila mati,jodoh..etc….as young as 4 months old..tis is also new to me…it’s not tat i’m eager to be pregnant..helllllllllo000!!!! i’m not even married, but i guess it’s no harm sharing the knowledge so tat mebi MC na can gain samting here…hehe…

n one more…selalu baca ayat 20 surah ABASA…tis is the zikr to ease up your pain especially when u r about to give birth…so amalkanlah!!insya allah…semoga dimudahlan Allah.

tis is my dedication to mc NA


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a day b4 my birthday

it was a day tat i will always treasure…the precious cum sad moment still lingering my vision…i went back from work at 4pm on thurs and immediately joined my parents’ coversation…i sat in between them…they talked about the usual stuff with the usual banter…i can’t remember where the issue started but i rememberde this well…

babo : rumah nie mmg babo bg nida…(sigh)….dengan satu harapan, lepas nie kalo hari raya berayalah di rumah nie..(in tears)….

me : nodd.. (holding back tears)

babo : ada satu lagi….kalo apa2 jd, babo nak pakcik kamu, ******* yg jadi wali masa nida nikah..kalo masa tu babo dah x der…(the words barely articulated because he’s in teras..)

me : also in tears…


that was too much 4 me too handle but i noe i need to face it, to store it well in memory and to tresure his words forever….

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i hate when i started to hate ppl…and when i hate someone, i hete them to the bone…sorry to say but that’s how it is if it’s me the one with this feeling…

i hate a couple of ppl…(thank God it’s not more than 5,i guess)..it’s not that i am too sensitive with their conduct but i can’t tolerate things that’s related to attitude…

when i hate someone,these are the symptoms :
1. i can’t look at them in the eye.
2. i will avoid any social conversation with them

and many more……x der mood la nak further explain….

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hari ni bosan..sgt2 bosan….n the worst part is, we didn’t get our paycheck yet….everyone is loosing patience to wait longer…hmmmmmmm………….

i am thinking to kill the time going to kb but going there without company is not a good idea…my frens refuse to tag along untill the receive the paycheck, therefore my plan is still pending…(sigh)..i have nothing in particualr to do in kb…it’s just that i miss my home so much…i has been almost 2 weeks since  i last spent the nite there…i miss the ambience so very much…

diana n siti already in kl..tomorrow both of them r going to jakarta accompany the students…me n my big mouth blame them for not asing me to join them….huhu..i have so much in mind to buy there..many many things in fact…mebi next time..huhu

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i was really pissed off…friday morning i went to KBMALL to do shopping…and i went there very early so that i won’t have problem to park my car….and thank god, i was among the early birds…when i was about to leave the car, there was one split tot…”x de ke org mencuri kat sini..” and after i recheck my car, i left there…

i did a facial treatment there because i think it’s about time ..huhu..and the time dragged a few hours than the duration that i have planned earlier…right after that, i went straight to buy all the groceries taht were needed for the kitchen…then i hurried to the car…suddenly i noticed that something was missing at the back of my car…i can’t figure out what..my brain was numb at tat moment and it was another car waiting impatiently for me so that they can park their car…still puzzled, I try to figure out what was that “thing” went missing..masya allah, i can’t barely locate myvi parked there….after a few minutes i discovered that the “thing” was my wiper!!!!!!!!!!!huhu….i still did some researched and the result was a few myvi was without the wiper………

sakitnyer hati…allah jer tahu….and today i went to perodua..they said the wiper cost me RM39.60 nad the handle for the wiper is RM51…for God sake it cost me nearly RM100….i didn’t buy it…i wanted to look 4 a cheaper one…huhu……..

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it’s mieracle

it has been quite a long time since i last update my routine here…it’s not that i am bz but i dun have the mood to write something…there are a lot of things to be written …only today i felt it’s time 4 me to write something here

 alhamdulillah, i thank God for the miracle that happens to my dad..it was one unforgetable event tat i will forever treasure…the moment that my dad was so close to “stroke” and with one split second, he’s back to his normal being….everyone who was there amazed with the speedy recovery…

alhamdulillah, the pray goes for the chance to be on stage during my convo day..it’s not my own treasure but the sharing moment taht I had with my parents that made me smile…

 pix will be published soon…not here,fotopages 4 sure..

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