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The first interview was over….and waiting for a phone call for the next session(if I made to it)…


Yesterday was a mother’s day…I bought a silk “kaftan” for mama…I dunno wat to give really,as what she did so far is something unthinkable…


Mama is strong and quiet..she does not talk much, she hates to nag which makes her different from other mama…even me have the capability of nagging without stop..ops!! I really love her for wat she is…she always make me cry when she starts her sentence…”mama tau,mama sekolah x tinggi, mama ni bodoh…” she finished her the secondary school and managed to be a teacher,however she gave up her job when she had my second sister…she hide her feelings inside, she hardly display her unique individual specialty…the patience that she has when she deals with my dad is beyond my expectation…and lately, living under the same roof with her after my graduation made me realized the closeness that we missed during the old days..i was busy with the studies, I was not close to her..i did everything on my own because that’s wat my parents trained the kids to do…we (all 3 sisters) solved every single matter on own our, or try to get a friend to help…never once we bug them to help us out for we know exactly how busy they both in their “FIELD”…nowadays, we both shared stories, we have each other to cry….and she always come to me, wake me up in the middle of the night…calling for my name when she’s not well…we are now an item I have to say…


Mama…I am crying right now….i am here near you but I am afraid that one day I will loose you…honestly I have to tell you, I will never be ready to be apart from you….


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