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x tau macamaner nak gambarkan perasaan sekarang..it seems normal,perhaps mebi there are times tat i feel different…which also hard to describe…KTO (Kelab Tunang Orang) finally got me as its member..hehe…and i am hepi to join Kak La and other friends…

my friends lodged many complains against me..and i am truly soory…really sorry..i did not mean to hurt anyone…as for me, the most important thing right now is to make sure tat my parents’ wish is granted…and it’s their wish that forbid me from circulating the news about my engagement..mama said i need to wait till evrything is done..so i did…and it cause a chaos i can say…for the time being, i really need them to understand my condition…however,if they don’t, i have nothing else to say…again…sorrie..


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happy with uncertainty

It has been a while since my last post..I have many things occupied me, the work tied up really, and the brain is also cluttered with so many segments of things that need to be done ….

so far, i am happy to be able to be here, can’t wait to be there..however, the other half of me is in agony, not certain of the movement…

i am praying hard….

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