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Nothing big happens to me..alhamdulillah..hehe..today we are having one celebration..”jamuan Asyura”…and not being able to participate in this activity for ages makes my excitement soar high…i really can’t wait to be apart of this ceremony once again…and the moment that I can’t wait most is teh moment to taste asyura when it is still hot….

talking bout hot makes me remembered about one “HOT TEMPERED” guy tht me,hanis n omar met just now…i was soo freaking afraid to smile to the camera for issuing our kad pekerja…and the result is I looked extremely odd on the card…gler buruk!!!!!!!!but i dun really care..i just can’t stand the way he talks to pppl, and judging from the way he deals with my Coordinator, I can certainly tell u that he’s the one without manners…and talking baout manners….i hate rude ppl…he made me think “patutla keje gini je, memang adil Allah ni…tgk die layan org pun rasa bengang je..”

Allah created us as khalifah with so many diffences in us…not just the way we look, the origin and the root..tehre are a lot more that than…and ther’s only one that God looked up for in us…we are all equal except the TAQWA…it classess us according to which we shud be…and that is so FAIR…


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Silly Me…

I woke up late today due to the cold weather..huhu..i dragged myself to the toilet and managed to have a quick bath…later I made a simple breakfast for me and my baba and we had the bread together..then,it’s time to hoop in the car and speed as fast as I could..thank god the traffic flow wasn’t that bad… I mtoade my way to Uitm without so much hassle…I took the books with my and straight away headed to the class..to my astonishment there’s only a student in my class..and she looks so unfamiliar…she was a bit puzzled to c me there..I discovered something…and I opened my diary, my gOD!!!!!!!!!!!today is TUESday…I tot It was Wednesday,and my actual class started at 11 today……….i laughed at myself…the best excuse is…I woke up at the wrong side of the bed………=(

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I’m now owning a blog again..it has been a while since i shutdown my page.

 i always love writing…I always like to share my thoughts,my stories and anecdotes that occur in my everyday life with my friends…and writing is the only way to reach the far away friends…the one that always give me lessons of life, the one that taught me the meaning of pure friendship is based on the sincere heart…and the existence of a true someone that always offer me comfort when i found world is too cruel for somebody like me…i want them all to be able to see how i regard them through my piece of writing which is all sincerey from me…

can’t wait to post the next entry!!!

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